Outdoor living can be achieved no matter what season it is with Kohler Lawn & Outdoor.  From patios to fire pits or retaining walls that double as a seating area, our specialists are ready to help you bring the indoors outside.  Adding an outdoor living space will not only increase your living area, it increases the value of your home.

Don’t know where to start when planning your outdoor living space?  Start with Kohler Lawn & Outdoor.  Our specialists listen to your needs, then carefully plan the outdoor space you want all while being mindful of your budget. 

Some things to consider when planning your outdoor living space are: Stone pavers or brick?  Do you want a fit pit? Is lighting needed? Do you want seating built into a retaining wall?

Outdoor Living Can Increase Your Space During Any Season With Kohler Outdoor

Paver Patios are a great way to lay the foundation for a living space. Pavers and flagstone professionally installed by Kohler Lawn & Outdoor will stand the test of time with low maintenance over other patio materials.  Pavers can also create a gentle curve in the design or a walkway that instantly creates a path that encourages discovery and exploration in the garden. Pavers and flagstone are a great choice for pathways and patios, and other parts of your landscape.

Fire pits have always been popular for outdoor gatherings. Historically, fire pits were known for providing warmth, a place to cook, and a place to gather.  Now, it is also a place to relax and socialize, which is why fire pits are so enjoyable and usefulKohler Lawn & Outdoor will help you with size, design, and more, making sure your fire pit area is safe and exactly how you envision it.

Retaining walls can be used to level or enclose an area. They are the ideal way to create area definition, landscape accents and elevation transitions. Using natural stone or manufactured blocks provide distinctive beauty and remarkable strength. Seat walls can be added into a retaining wall at seat height to create all weather, year-round ready-made seating. These are especially great around a fire pit! 

Outdoor living can be achieved year-round with the services provided by Kohler Outdoor. For more information about outdoor living and other services, call Kohler Outdoor at (816) 540-4400. To make an appointment, visit https://kohleroutdoor.com/make-an-appointment/.

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