Pavers vs. Flagstone, the Great Debate


Pavers and Flagstone are materials that can accomplish varying goals when creating walkways, firepits, or hardscapes. If you are in the great debate of trying to decide between pavers and flagstone, keep reading! Kohler Lawn and Outdoor is an experienced hardscape designer and installer. Our family-operated business has served the Kansas City Metro, including Pleasant…

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Pavers and Flagstone – The Perfect Upgrade for Your Yard, Just Before Spring


Pavers and Flagstone professionally installed in Pleasant Hill, Jackson County and Cass County Missouri is the perfect upgrade for your yard. As spring approaches, so does the longing to have a better outdoor space. If you are looking to improve your outdoor aesthetics, improve water runoff issues, or have a retaining wall installed, let’s explore what pavers…

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Create An Outdoor Living Space for Fall Fun!


Outdoor living time is ending soon; as the temperatures begin to cool down, now is the perfect time to think about a new patio or fire pit installation. Fire pits have always been a popular outdoor living feature, even historically they are known to provide a basic place to cook, and a source of warmth on cold…

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Pavers And Flagstone Winter Installation

Pavers And Flagstone (Client Photo) Kohler Lawn And Outdoor

Pavers and flagstone are great outdoor landscaping elements that are easily installed in the winter months. Since we are booked out many months in advance, now is a great time to think about any landscaping installations you may want installed during the winter, including pavers and flagstone. Many people believe that landscaping projects can only…

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Pavers & Flagstone: Install Before Spring

Pavers & Flagstone have many uses

Pavers & flagstone installation can still be performed during the winter months before spring arrives. Drainage solutions, outdoor living environments and retaining walls can be completed before spring projects occur. At Kohler Lawn & Outdoor, we are committed to help you create the property of your dreams. And just because we’re in the middle of…

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Pavers And Flagstone: A Timeless Foundation

Adding pavers and flagstone to the foundation of your outdoor living space can help create beauty and a safe area to relax.  Pavers and flagstone are a timeless crafted tradition dating back to the legendary cobbled roadways of the Ancient Romans still in existence to this day.  Instead of dirt-rutted paths, these stones help to…

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Pavers And Flagstone Make The Perfect Upgrade To Your Property

Pavers and flagstone are a sure and lasting choice to upgrade any patio, driveway or walkway. Now is a great time to plan out upgrades to your property! It is a well-known fact that pavers and flagstone make your property stand out against run-of-the-mill wood-stained decking.  And with this material upgrade, there is no more…

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Pavers And Flagstone Add Curb Appeal To Your Home

kohler outdoors pavers fand flagstone add home curb appeal

Pavers and flagstone will make your property stand out. Pavers and flagstone are a crafted tradition dating back to legendary cobbled roadways of the ancient Romans. Flagstone offers a more natural look with irregular shapes. Whether it is curb appeal with a driveway, a front walk or a backyard patio, pavers and flagstone offer a…

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