Pavers And Flagstone Winter Installation

Pavers and flagstone are great outdoor landscaping elements that are easily installed in the winter months. Since we are booked out many months in advance, now is a great time to think about any landscaping installations you may want installed during the winter, including pavers and flagstone.

Pavers And Flagstone (Client Photo) Kohler Lawn And Outdoor

Pavers Create A Clean, Decorative Outdoor Living Space

Many people believe that landscaping projects can only be accomplished during Spring and Summer, however, when dealing with pavers and flagstone, installation can happen well into the winter! This is also the best time on pricing, as well as shorter wait times for installation.

Installation can happen at any point in the winter as long as the ground resists frost. If the ground frosts over it can cause the ground to shift, which would damage any new paver and flagstone installation. When winter weather conditions are mild, installation is easy and can even cut down the time it takes to complete winter chores, like shoveling snow!

Completing landscaping projects during the winter also guarantees that your property is ready for Spring weather. Drainage solutions are best completed during the winter so you are prepared for heavy Spring rain. Most plants are not adapted to water-clogged soils, and if submerged in water too long, root rot sets in. Diverting water with proper drainage solutions helps you keep your lawn looking healthy.

Pavers And Flagstone (Client Photo) Kohler Lawn And Outdoor

Flagstone Creates A Beautiful Fire Pit

Pavers and flagstone are also used in outdoor living environments, including retaining walls, and are one of the most-used upgrades to a home. It allows for more time spent outside with family and friends longer in the fall and even winter months. Outdoor living environments are stunning additions to your home and ramp up curb appeal with constructed out of pavers and flagstone.

For 30 years, we have served landscaping clients in Jackson and Cass Counties, including Pleasant Hill, MO. Feel free to visit our webpage for more information on how pavers and flagstone can be installed during the winter months, and start thinking about the upgrades you’d like to make this winter!

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