Irrigation System – How a Professional Installation Makes a Difference


An irrigation system is a convenient way to provide your lawn with needed moisture daily with no effort on your part. An irrigation system can run on a schedule and doesn’t require you to drag out a hose and sprinkler or operate the spigot. Never forget to water your lawn again with a professional installation…

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Irrigation System Installation

Irrigation System Installation (Client Photo) Kohler Lawn & Outdoor

Irrigation system installation is best completed as the ground gets soft in springtime, and before the hot dry summer approaches. Irrigation systems deliver water very precisely to targeted areas, which saves water and money. The modern technology in a new sprinkler system will provide the correct amount of water your landscaping needs in order to…

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Winterizing Your Irrigation System

Winterizing your irrigation system does not have to be a complicated process as long as you work with a professional lawn service company like ours, Kohler Lawn & Outdoor. It is true that you don’t need to have your system turned off and blown out by a professional, however there are a few tricky parts to…

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Irrigation System Shut-Down

End of the season irrigation system shut-off is happening now.  Even though the weather fluctuates often this time of year, it is now time to be blowing out and shutting down the system.  With freezing temperatures upon us, people often worry about their system freezing with any leftover water in their system pipes.  With an…

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Retaining Walls: Structure For Your Property

Retaining walls are landscaping tools to help property owners overcome structural land issues or correct drainage issues, but can be visually pleasing once in place. The beginning of a great looking yard starts with structure.  While designed to retain soil from its natural state, these walls help correct steep, near-vertical, or vertical slopes.  These rigid…

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Install An Irrigation System This Fall

It’s a great time of year for our crews to install an irrigation system with the ground still soft, and other jobs winding down like swimming pool installation and lawn maintenance.  Plus, these systems have become more efficient and user friendly in recent years.  Now is the time to install so your lawn will be…

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Irrigation System Saves You Both Time And Money

Irrigation System Saves you both time and money Kohler Outdoor

Ever thought of installing an irrigation system?   Sprinkler irrigation is the most versatile form of irrigation  and it saves you both time and money.  With a set timer, there’s no more moving a sprinkler from one area of the yard to the next.  And regular watering helps your lawn stay healthy and lush.  Plus, your irrigation system…

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