Irrigation System – How a Professional Installation Makes a Difference

An irrigation system is a convenient way to provide your lawn with needed moisture daily with no effort on your part. An irrigation system can run on a schedule and doesn’t require you to drag out a hose and sprinkler or operate the spigot. Never forget to water your lawn again with a professional installation by Kohler Lawn & Outdoor.

If you have dealt with overwatering, wasted water, water runoff, or with a dead or diseased lawn, an irrigation system can help with all of these. Not only will it save you time, money, and water, it will be programmed to target the specific watering needs of your lawn.

Trust our Expertise!

The irrigation specialists at Kohler Lawn & Outdoor understand the soil conditions here in Pleasant Hill, Jackson County, and Cass County. We account for soil type, plant type, lawn grading, and wind and sun exposure.

We have immense experience installing irrigation systems and can answer your landscaping or lawn care questions and concerns. You can relax knowing that your system will be installed correctly. We use specialized equipment to make installing your lines quick without disturbing the look of your entire lawn.

We also install professional-grade residential systems. Because we have been installing them for years, we know which ones last and provide our customers with the most satisfaction. Some of our systems are even smartphone compatible!

We provide end-to-end service at Kohler Lawn & Outdoor. We will design, plan, install, maintain, and close your system for winter. We will set up your system to water at the best times of day and set the ideal amount of water to be released. We want your system to give you a healthy and luscious lawn for years to come.

Your Lawn and Landscaping Specialists For More Than 30 Years

For more information about a professionally installed irrigation system in Pleasant Hill, Kansas City, or anywhere in between including Jackson and Cass County, call Kohler Lawn & Outdoor at (816) 540-4400 or contact us online!