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Retaining Walls Are The Ideal Way To Create Area Definition, Landscape Accents, And Elevation Transitions

Retaining Walls Create Area Definition Landscape Accents Elevation Transitions Kohler Outdoor

Retaining walls are an ideal way to create an area definition, landscape accents and elevation transitions. Retaining walls provide both function and form. They can be eye-catching, sophisticated or quaint, while performing an important and useful function. Retaining walls are the perfect solution for properties with hills or slopes. They ensure that soil stays where…

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Patio And Fire Pit Installation Accentuates Your Outdoor Living Experience

Landscaping with Kohler Lawn and Outdoor includes fire pits and more.

As the temperatures begin to cool down, now is the perfect time for a new patio or fire pit installation.  Kohler Lawn & Outdoor is here to help you get the most out of your outdoor living experience!   Installing a uniquely-designed-for-you patio using pavestone and flagstone will transform your landscape into a beautiful extension of your…

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Lawn Services: A Freshly Manicured Lawn Is The Ultimate Curb Appeal

Lawn services with Kohler Lawn & Outdoor include mowing.

Whether we provide your lawn services or you do it yourself, Kohler Lawn & Outdoor would like to offer a few tips for keeping your lawn freshly manicured for the ultimate curb appeal.   We recommend cutting grass with the sharpest blades possible.  Dull mower blades make your lawn take on a shaggier, whitish look…

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Lawn Services Including Mowing And Weed Eating Keep Your Yard Healthy

Lawn Services Mowing And Weed Eating Kohler Lawn and Outdoor

Lawn services, like mowing and weed eating, are important to keep your yard healthy. Your lawn is one of the most apparent components of your property, which is why it plays such a big role in its value. When you need residential lawn services, Kohler Lawn and Outdoor can provide trustworthy solutions of the highest…

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Turf Treatment With Kohler Outdoor Keeps Your Yard Lush And Healthy

Turf Treatment With Kohler Outdoor Keeps Your Yard Lush And Healthy

Turf treatment with Kohler Lawn and Outdoor’s program is the way to turn your lawn around from light, thin and weedy to green, lush and healthy. By becoming a turf treatment program customer, many other services are available to you. Kohler Outdoor offers six treatments throughout the year to include fertilization, controlling weeds and pests,…

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Retaining Walls With Kohler Outdoor Can Be Used For Functionality And Also Aesthetics

Retaining Walls By Kohler Outdoor Are Created For Functionality And Aesthetics

Retaining walls can be used to level or enclose an area for a decorative garden. They are the ideal way to create an area definition, landscape accents and elevation transitions. Natural stone or manufactured blocks provide distinctive beauty and remarkable strength. Retaining walls serve yards well for both aesthetic or functional reasons. Kohler Outdoor’s retaining…

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