Landscaping Beds Increase Curb Appeal and Provide Structural Integrity

Landscaping Beds are a great way to increase curb appeal and provide structural integrity while adding value to your home in Jackson, Cass County, Missouri, or Johnson County, Kansas. Are you curious about what Kohler Lawn & Outdoors’ design and landscaping team could do for you? Reach out today!

A landscaping bed is more than just a flower bed. Kohler Lawn & Outdoor considers plant variety, adding plants with different peak seasons, and will design a layout for maximum beauty and function.

Kohler Lawn & Outdoor builds landscaping beds for:

We can direct water to where you want it in your yard using geotextile fabric, retaining walls, and hardscaping. This will prevent ruts and dirt loss during heavy rains.

    • Erosion Control

We carefully select a variety of plants, including, ones with deep root systems, to prevent erosion and support overall soil stability.

    • Lawn Beautification

With a thoughtfully designed landscaping bed, we can create a habitat for local wildlife, including birds, butterflies, and beneficial insects. By incorporating local plants native to Jackson or Cass County, Missouri, and Johnson County, Kansas, your beds can support biodiversity and contribute to the ecosystem in your area.

Landscaping beds play a critical role in your home’s curb appeal and soil integrity and are a versatile element in outdoor design. It is always rewarding to see the results of your investment, and landscaping beds are a fantastic way to accomplish this. We can match any look you want with various plant foliage, mulch colors, and border types.

If you are ready to change the outdoor character of your home or business, let’s discuss how practical and beautiful landscaping beds can be! Contact Us today or call us at 816-540-4400 to get started with planning and design.