Outdoor Lighting – Upgrade Your Home with Outdoor Lighting


Outdoor lighting offers a range of benefits that enhance the aesthetics and functionality of outdoor spaces. Invest in exterior lighting if you are looking for a way to stand out from other homes. Many prospective buyers are pleased that a home has installed outdoor lighting.   Here are some of the key benefits of outdoor lighting:  Safety…

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Irrigation System – How a Professional Installation Makes a Difference


An irrigation system is a convenient way to provide your lawn with needed moisture daily with no effort on your part. An irrigation system can run on a schedule and doesn’t require you to drag out a hose and sprinkler or operate the spigot. Never forget to water your lawn again with a professional installation…

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Start Turf Treatment Now for a Weed Free Lawn All Summer


Turf Treatment is recommended in the early spring to give you a green, weed free lawn all summer long. Kohler Lawn & Outdoor provides lawn care for homeowners and businesses in Pleasant Hill, MO and the Kansas City metro area including Cass, Jackson and Johnson Counties. Turf Treatment programs include weedkillers (herbicides) to kill broadleaf…

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Landscaping Can Correct Drainage Issues & Protect Your Foundation!


Landscaping can correct drainage issues and protect your home’s foundation. Landscaping, while improving your home’s aesthetic appeal, will also serve a functional purpose and prevent future foundation problems when designed correctly. Homeowners usually don’t think about the water drainage on their property unless there is a problem, then it becomes hard to look past! Standing water, backyard flooding,…

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Outdoor Living Can Increase Your Space During Any Season


Outdoor Living starts to be on everyone’s minds as the days get a little longer and a little warmer. Having a dedicated outdoor living space allows families to enjoy the outdoors together any time of year, especially during this springtime season.    Whether you are in Pleasant Hill, MO including Jackson and Cass Counties, Kohler…

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Pavers and Flagstone – The Perfect Upgrade for Your Yard, Just Before Spring


Pavers and Flagstone professionally installed in Pleasant Hill, Jackson County and Cass County Missouri is the perfect upgrade for your yard. As spring approaches, so does the longing to have a better outdoor space. If you are looking to improve your outdoor aesthetics, improve water runoff issues, or have a retaining wall installed, let’s explore what pavers…

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Turf Treatment Route Openings for 2023

Turf treatment begins at the first sign of Spring, and we have room on our routes for you! Our lawn treatment program is the way to turn your lawn around from light, thin and weedy to green, lush and healthy. Inquire today for a free estimate and lawn assessment! Why is Turf Treatment Important? Fertilization,…

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For Ultimate Outdoor Living, Outdoor Lighting is our Secret!

When it comes to outdoor living, outdoor lighting is our secret trick to elevating your outdoor environment and even adds value to your home! Kohler Lawn & Outdoor has been providing ultimate outdoor living spaces and jaw-dropping outdoor lighting since 1992! It’s no secret that we know what we’re doing in outdoor living and outdoor…

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Retaining Walls – Let Our Experts Create a Beautiful Space for You!

Retaining walls are a great solution to provide natural looking barriers. If your property is sloped or hilly like many parts of Jackson and Cass County Missouri, you can gain back your outdoor space, reduce drainage problems and improve your home value by installing a retaining wall. Let our experts create a beautiful outdoor space…

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