Pavers and Flagstone Installation for Your Swimming Pool Patio, Walkways and Stairs

Kohler Lawn and Outdoor can use pavers and flagstone in various landscaping and hardscaping projects. Our Cass, Jackson, and Johnson County customers enjoy pavers and flagstone installation for their swimming pool coping, patios, garden walkways, and stairs.
Installing-Pavers-Flagstone-Patios-Walkways-Swimming-Pools-Kansas-City-Kohler-Lawn-OutdoorPavers and Flagstone are great solutions for creating a solid surface when a look other than traditional concrete is desired. They create a much more natural ambiance and can either be installed in a specific pattern or a mosaic of natural shapes. If you are looking for curb appeal on a driveway, a beautiful swimming pool patio, a walkway, or a staircase, both types of stone offer a truly unique appearance.

Flagstone is a flat stone that has been broken up into different shapes and sizes. The most popular types of rock for flagstone used here in the Midwest are sandstone and limestone. Using different rock thicknesses, we can complete anything from outdoor stairs or steps to various paved walkways. This will increase your home’s value and curb appeal, and you will also appreciate the stone’s natural beauty each time you use the space.

Pavers are highly durable manufactured stones.  Most manufactured stones come with a lifetime product guarantee and do not require a regular maintenance plan, which is recommended for flagstones. When it comes to your outdoor living area’s design, pavers offer you virtually endless color and customization options.

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