Outdoor Lighting For The Holidays

Outdoor lighting for the holiday season should be planned early, and with our holiday lighting service, your home will be the jewel of the block! It’s not too early to start planning now how you want your outdoor lighting to look during the holiday season. Kohler Lawn & Outdoor designs and installs holiday lighting on hundreds of homes across…

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Turf Treatment With Exclusive Services

Turf Treatment (Client Photo) Kohler Lawn & Outdoor

Turf treatment with Kohler Lawn & Outdoor includes some exclusive services for our current customers! All the weed seeds are in quick germination mode! We are here to get them gone for you! Our program is designed to revive your lawn into a fuller and greener property than your neighbor’s lawn through our exclusive services…

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Lawn Services Near Established Mowing Routes

Lawn Services - No File Number Given - Kohler Lawn & Outdoor

Lawn services including mowing season is upon us, and while there is very limited space to add to our mow routes, we do have the capability to take on new customers near our already established routes. Kohler Lawn & Outdoor provides trustworthy, high-quality mowing and weed eating solutions. Lawn services, like mowing and weed eating,…

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Turf Treatment Starts With The First Signs Of Spring

Turf Treatment Routes Are Available! (Kohler Provided Photo) Kohler Lawn & Outdoor

Turf treatment should begin at the first signs of spring, and we have room on our routes for you! When the soil temperature at the surface reaches 55° F for four or five consecutive days, crabgrass begins to germinate. Seeds germinate from early spring to late summer. It’s important to start early in the spring…

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Swimming Pool Installation: Endless Possibilities

Swimming Pool Installation - No File # Given - Kohler Lawn & Outdoor

Swimming pool installation with Kohler Lawn & Outdoor means endless possibilities with our custom-designed swimming pools. Installation is hassle-free with our one-stop shop offerings. When we contract a pool install, there are almost no subcontractors, meaning you hardly ever work with another company besides our own. You can relax knowing that we take of the…

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Pavers & Flagstone: Install Before Spring

Pavers & Flagstone have many uses

Pavers & flagstone installation can still be performed during the winter months before spring arrives. Drainage solutions, outdoor living environments and retaining walls can be completed before spring projects occur. At Kohler Lawn & Outdoor, we are committed to help you create the property of your dreams. And just because we’re in the middle of…

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Swimming Pool Installation

Swimming pool installation is happening now and through the winter as we keep working as long as we are able! Just because the weather is turning colder doesn’t mean that pool installation is put on hold until Spring. The private swimming pool market is booming with interest and we work pretty consistently through the year.…

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Turf Treatment: Aerate And Seed In The Fall

Turf treatment that includes aeration and seeding in the fall helps to keep your grass healthy, with full growth. Can you believe it’s already time to be thinking about your lawn during the fall months? It’s actually a great time of year to assess your yard since wear from the summer has probably set into…

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Outdoor Living: Planning Before Fall

Outdoor living doesn’t have to end once summer is over, and now is the time to begin planning how you want to spend your nights outdoors before the fall season arrives. We are in the daylight downhill slide, meaning less and less daylight every day from now until the end of the year. But just…

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Swimming Pool Installation: Custom Designed

Swimming pool installation can be fun when custom designed and your dreams become reality! Talk to our pool specialist about the perfect pool for your property. Some day you can stay at home and relax in your own private pool! Kohler Lawn & Outdoor installs swimming pools and spas, and we are here to help you…

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