Retaining Walls – How Using a Pro Can Save You Time and Money

Retaining walls installed by a Jackson and Cass Counties professional, including Pleasant Hill, MO, can save you time and money. Kohler Lawn and Outdoor’s professional lawn and landscaping services offer many benefits to clients.
By working with an experienced professional team, like those at Kohler, you’ll experience many advantages during your retaining wall construction:
1.    Efficiency – Professional installers have training, experience, and equipment to quickly and efficiently build retaining walls. This can save you time and effort and ensure the wall is built robustly and carefully.
2.    Expertise – Professional hardscapers have a deep understanding of drainage issues and other challenges that can affect your land. Whether you are installing a wall for function or aesthetics, or both, we can work to create a design that is sure to thrill and satisfy any needs you may have.
3.    Effectiveness – Professional retaining wall installers can help you select height and specifications for your home’s needs. We will make sure your wall is sturdy, safe, and beautiful without any stress or rework on your part.
4.    Safety – Professional teams have the knowledge and experience handling, leveling, loading, and setting heavy wall materials and equipment to do the job, minimizing your strain.

Turnkey Service by Kohler Lawn

Kohler Lawn is a locally-owned small business operating out of Pleasant Hill, MO, for over 30 years. From design to excavation to installation, Kohler Lawn will handle your project from start to finish.

Let Kohler tackle your retaining wall project so you can save time for more important things. Our ICPI certification is your guarantee that Kohler Lawn & Outdoor will meet your expectations!

Contact Us today or call over the phone at 816-540-4400 to schedule an appointment with one of our experts and let us help make your project a reality.