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Grass With Turf Treatments

Turf Maintenance

Want that lush green lawn? Our turf program is just what you need! We will treat your lawn from March until November with the exact nutrients it needs all season long keeping your lawn healthy and weed-free. Relax, let us do the work for you!

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Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living

Take the comfort of your living room outdoors! Think what a patio, fire pit, wall seat, stone stair case or flagstone pathway can do for an area in your yard. Let your outdoor area be enjoyed for many more months of the year with a little or a lot of help from us!

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More Services

Kohler Lawn & Outdoor is a full service lawn maintenance & landscape construction company. Here are a few more services we offer.

  • Irrigation & Drainage
  • Lawn & Garden Care
  • Planting & Removal
  • Snow & Ice Removal
  • Spring & Fall Cleanup
  • Stone & Hardscaping

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Clay <span style=- Owner" />

Clay - Owner

Clay Kohler started this business in 1992. Clay brings a family atmosphere to our business that you won't find in many professional environments. You can count on him to be fair and straight forward.

Andy <span style=- Landscape Construction / Account Manager" />

Andy - Landscape Construction / Account Manager

5+ Years

Andy is an honest and hard worker who our customers love to work with. Andy specializes in large scale hardscape projects. With his drive and accommodations to customers desire, you're sure to get what you want.

Derek  <span style=- Turf Manager" />

Derek - Turf Manager

10+ Years

Derek has been making lawns lush and green for almost 10 years for Kohler Lawn. Derek is certified and trained with the Missouri Agriculture Department to diagnose and treat practically any lawn issue.

Joe <span style=- Landscape Supervisor / Manager" />

Joe - Landscape Supervisor / Manager

3+ Years

Joe works great with all our employees and accomplishes many small and large jobs every week. He is a great landscape supervisor on our team.

Kohler Lawn & Outdoor 816-540-4400

Kohler Lawn & Outdoor 816-540-4400

Kohler Lawn & Outdoor works to improve and install many aspects of outdoor spaces from outdoor lighting, fire pit install, outdoor kitchen to mowing, turf treatments and pruning. Call us for your next project!

Kasey <span style=- Office Manager" />

Kasey - Office Manager

7+ Years

Kasey does a great job of translating what happens on the job site to what happens in the office. This way our foreman and crew managers don't skip a beat when out in the field.

Kerrie <span style=- Office Manager" />

Kerrie - Office Manager

Less than 1 Year

Kerrie works full time and is a diligent in the Kohler office. She is mainly the one who will take your phone call when calling our office.

Theron <span style=- Project Manager/Sales" />

Theron - Project Manager/Sales

Along with 12 years of landscaping experience, Theron specializes in pool installation and holiday lighting.  He is driven by providing quality service that enhances the customer experience

Josh <span style=- Account Manager" />

Josh - Account Manager

Josh has extensive knowledge in grounds management and has a keen eye for detail.  He values exceeding customer expectations and holds customer service as his number one priority.  


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Lawn Services Kohler Lawn and Outdoor

Lawn Services With Kohler Lawn & Outdoor Frees Up Your Time

Kohler Lawn & Outdoor is your hometown lawn services specialists. Let us give you the extra time you need by taking care of the yard work for you!   As a Kohler Lawn & Outdoor mow customer, you can customize all of your lawn care needs with a wide variety of lawn care options.  Our lawn care…

Turf treatment with Kohler Lawn and Outdoor transforms your yard to lush, green, and healthy.

Turf Treatment With Kohler Lawn And Outdoor Transforms Your Yard To Lush, Green, And Healthy

Turf treatment with Kohler Lawn and Outdoor takes your lawn from light, thin, and weedy to green, lush, and healthy. Kohler Lawn and Outdoor offers a turf treatment program, which keeps your lawn healthy and pest-free year-round.   Kohler Lawn and Outdoor offers six treatments throughout the year to include fertilization, controlling weeds and pests, mowing…

Outdoor Lighting Makes Your Yard More Visually Appealing And Protects Your Family Kohler Outdoor

Outdoor Lighting Makes Your Yard More Visually Appealing And Protects Your Family

Outdoor lighting shouldn’t be overlooked when making changes or upgrades to your property and is a quick unobtrusive installation.  The right outdoor lighting makes your landscaping more visually appealing, while also protecting your home and family. Outdoor lighting along a path illuminates the way when your family and guests walk to the house or through…

Outdoor Living Space If you have a lawn or outdoor living space project, give use a call.