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Round #1 | Early Spring Treatment | Late Feb – Early April
1st Round of pre-emergent controls crabgrass, foxtail. Includes balanced rate of granular fertilizer.

Round #2 | Late Spring Treatment | Early April – Late May
2nd round of pre-emergent to control crabgrass, foxtail, broadleaf, wed control for existing weeds. Includes liquid nitrogen.

Round #3 | Summer Treatment | Late May – Late June
Insecticide (granular) with balanced rate of fertilizer controls surface-feeding insects such as aphids, sod webworms, fleas, and ticks. Broadleaf weed control applied as needed (liquid.)

Round #4 | Late Summer Treatment | Late June – Early Aug
Grub control applied to prevent root damage to lawn (granular.)

Round #5 | Fall Treatment | Late Aug – Late Oct
Broadleaf weed control applied with balanced rate of fertilizer.

Round #6 | Late Fall Treatment | Nov – Dec
Heavy rate of nitrogen fertilizer.

Optional Fungi | Mid-April
Fungicide treatment applied to prevent and cure disease such as brown patch.

Optional Lime | Mid May – Mid June
Lime is applied to balance the soil nutrients and break up hard compact soil.
The timing of fungicide is critical and in some cases third application is necessary to keep turf in premium condition. Fungicide treatment and Lime treatment is more and an additional expense over and above your regular treatments.