Turf Treatment With Exclusive Services

Turf treatment with Kohler Lawn & Outdoor includes some exclusive services for our current customers! All the weed seeds are in quick germination mode! We are here to get them gone for you! Our program is designed to revive your lawn into a fuller and greener property than your neighbor’s lawn through our exclusive services for current customers.

Turf Treatment (Client Photo) Kohler Lawn & Outdoor

Our Turf Treatment Includes Exclusive Services For Current Customers!

One of our exclusive services for current turf treatment program customers includes mole or vole treatment. If you have seen any mounds or holes in your yard, they are the likely culprit. Your first line of defense against these pests is a grub control which is included in the round 4 treatment.

Aerating and seeding your lawn in the best way to ensure a fuller lawn in the coming season. By having a fuller lawn of grass, weeds have less space to grow. This is also a good solution for any bare spots. Spreading grass seed over your existing lawn automatically thickens up thin grass areas, and is recommended for the fall months. We perform aerate and seed services only in the fall for current customers if they would like.

We also provide seasonal debris cleanup and hauling off small or medium fallen limbs throughout the year as part of our exclusive services for current turf treatment customers. Now is the time to think about turf treatment for your lawn while we have a few openings. We still have room on some of our turf routes to service your property.

If you are in the Kansas City Metro area including Pleasant Hill, MO as well as Jackson and Johnson Counties, and are interested in our turf treatment services, contact us today at Kohler Lawn & Outdoor, or call us at 816-540-4400 for a free estimate to be a part of our turf treatment program.