Lawn Services Fall Debris Cleanup & Final Turf Treatment

Lawn services professionals through Kohler Lawn & Outdoor are ready for the final year-end debris clean-up and nitrogen turf treatment! Our turf treatment program is the way to turn your lawn around from light, thin and weedy to green, lush and healthy. After getting your yard clear from debris, we are able to come out and complete that final turf treatment step.

Our Final Turf Treatment Can Be Applied After Fall Debris Is Cleaned Up!

Applying heavy amounts of fertilizer during the wrong parts of the growing season can adversely affect the health of your lawn.  Our successful turf treatment program is designed to assess your individual lawn, what it will require and the know-how on when to apply and how much fertilizer to apply to keep your lawn beautiful and healthy.

Healthy lawns needs a heavy rate of nitrogen fertilizer during the last turf treatment promotes healthy growth to grass blades and keeps the root system strong before heading into winter. This last step in our lawn services turf treatment program is a preemptive step into keeping your lawn strong through the winter and stable as spring emerges. It also helps to promote maximum grass blade density, keeping your lawn full and lush into the late fall months.

For over 25 years we have been serving residential and commercial clients in Jackson County including Lees Summit, MO and Johnson County, including Overland Park, KS with exceptional lawn services. Now is the time to schedule that last nitrogen turf treatment to protect your lawn for the next year!

Want to make changes to your yard? We can give you curb appeal, alleviate drainage problems, or create an outdoor living space! We have experienced lawn professionals waiting to work with you, and to help create a plan through our lawn services turf treatment program to get your lawn in top shape. Contact us today at (816) 540-4400 to begin lawn services today, or feel free to call us with any questions you have about our turf treatment schedule.