Pavers and Flagstones Spice Up Your Landscaping

Pavers and flagstones or other outdoor hardscaping are a great way to enhance your home’s curb appeal, make that fire pit more accessible, or help with drainage issues in your yard. With lawn services winding down for the season, let’s start talking about winter projects.

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Kohler Lawn & Outdoor is the premier lawn and landscape company in Pleasant Hill, MO servicing Jackson and Cass Counties. With over 30 years in the business, we know how to solve landscaping problems and turn outdoor living dreams into a reality. We install irrigation systems, outdoor lighting, swimming pools and spas, and hardscapes. We also offer Christmas Holiday Home Lighting and lawn care seasonally.

Pavers & flagstone are a crafted tradition dating back to legendary cobbled roadways of the ancient Romans. Flagstone offers a more natural look with irregular shapes. Whether it is curb appeal with a driveway, a front walk or a backyard patio, both types of stone offer a truly unique appearance.

What is Flagstone?

Flagstone is flat stone that has been broken up into different shapes and sizes. The most popular types of rock for flagstone used here in the Midwest are sandstone and limestone. By using different thickness of rocks, we can complete anything from outdoor stairs or steps to various paved walkways. This will not only increase your home’s value and curb appeal, but you also will appreciate the stone’s natural beauty each time you use the space.

What are Pavers?

Pavers are a highly durable manufactured stone.  Most manufactured stone comes with a lifetime product guarantee and do not require a regular maintenance plan, which is recommended for flagstone. If you are looking to be a more proactive participant in your outdoor living area’s design, pavers offer you virtually endless color and design customization options. 

Winter Projects Lead to Spring Outdoor Enjoyment

Many people believe that landscaping projects can only be accomplished during Spring and Summer, however, when dealing with pavers and flagstone, installation can happen well into the winter! This is also the best time on pricing, as well as shorter wait times for installation.
Installation can happen at any point in the winter as long as the ground resists frost. If the ground frosts over it can cause the ground to shift, which would damage any new paver and flagstone installation. Completing landscaping projects during the winter also guarantees that your property is ready for Spring weather. Drainage solutions are best completed during the winter so you are prepared for heavy Spring rain.

Pavers and Flagstone Professionally Installed

Let Kohler Lawn’s experience in lawncare and landscaping handle your outdoor walkway or living area foundation project. Our ICPI certification and our patio & retaining walls warranty is your insurance that Kohler Lawn & Outdoor will meet your expectations in the outcome of your project.
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