Outdoor Living Spaces Function Year-Round

Outdoor living is not confined to the warmer months. No matter the season, Kohler Lawn and Outdoor can create the perfect outdoor living space just for you! Serving Jackson, Cass, and Johnson Counties for the past 30+ years, our Pleasant Hill, MO based business will add function and warmth to your outdoor living space so it is usable any time of year.

By adding a few design elements to your existing patio or deck space, your summer entertainment area quickly becomes a usable spot year-round. Kohler recommends adding warmth with a fire pit or outdoor fireplace. Patio heaters can also work well on a deck where a built-in fire pit isn’t an option.  Pizza ovens, covered cook and kitchen prep areas are also beautiful ways to make the space more functional and usable, even during winter. Adding warmth to the space will help keep the chill of winter temps at bay and make the space more welcoming. 
Now is an excellent time to explore adding a swimming pool in 2024. 

  • Consultation – Call us and let us know what you’re interested in. We will put you in touch with a project manager with the specific skills for the job.
  • Evaluation – The project manager will gather all the necessary information to plan for the job. This includes a visit to the potential pool site.
  • Design – Time to plan for the job. Our project manager will line out and organize all the details.
  • Estimate – The plan for the job or estimate is presented to the customer for approval. The service date is decided upon acceptance.
  • Pool Installation – The pool is installed, and then you enjoy your new outdoor living space.
Kohler Lawn and Outdoor is not a seasonal business. We operate year-round and enjoy outdoor living landscaping and hardscaping projects in winter because we usually have less lead time since the days are shorter and it tends to be our slower season. Don’t let the weather deter you from reaching out for a design session or starting the quote process!
We are a proud member of the National Association of Landscape Professionals. Established in 1992, Kohler Lawn and Outdoor is still owned and operated by its founder, Clay Kohler. Kohler Lawn & Outdoor serves Jackson and Cass Counties, including but not limited to Blue Springs, Independence, Grain Valley, Oak Grove, Warrensburg, Pleasant Hill, Harrisonville, Belton, Raymore, Lake Winnebago, Lone Jack, Strasburg, Lee’s Summit, Peculiar, and Greenwood. If you are still waiting to see your city list, call us today at 816-540-4400 or click here to see if we can help you.