Water Features for Landscaping in Kansas City

Landscaping with water features has many benefits for our Kansas City customers. They can help create a relaxing atmosphere, increase your property value, and make your garden or outdoor living space more inviting for yourself and wildlife to enjoy. Kohler Lawn and Outdoor has extensive experience in hardscapes, fountains, and landscapes across the Kansas City metro area, including Jackson, Cass, and Johnson Counties. Check out our gallery here!


Do you live in a high-traffic area, or do you want to help create a more intimate landscaping space? Water features can help reduce noise around them. The running water will dampen the noise from neighbors or traffic wafting into your space.

A water element in your landscaping is also an excellent way to add a different natural texture to your outdoor living space. Contrasting with your hardscape, fire pit, or pergola, water features naturally accent any living plant life and make an aesthetic addition to your outdoor living space.

Water features will add beauty and engage people in your space. The sound of water is very relaxing for most people. As a focal point to your landscaping, a water element can complement an existing garden area or become the main attraction in an outdoor living design.

Because we are a one-stop landscaping destination — from design to build, your creativity with our designers is genuinely the limit. Your water feature will be unique and suit your space, taste, and style. We have options for materials in different sizes, shapes, and functions.

Some Ideas To Consider:

  • Fountains
  • Waterfalls
  • Ponds

An inviting and calming outdoor space is possible in Kansas City. We can design a feature for you to enjoy, no matter your style or budget. Whether you want to enhance your private retreat away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, an updated entertaining space or are simply looking to increase your home’s value, Kohler Lawn & Outdoor has over 30 years in the business of exceeding customer expectations and would love to discuss your water features project. Contact Us today or call 816-540-4400 to schedule a design appointment.