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Kohler Outdoor Is Ready To Do Large Scale Landscaping Projects For You

Kohler Lawn & Outdoor is ready to do large scale landscaping projects

The beginning of a great looking yard starts with structure and Kohler Outdoor knows large scale landscaping, including retaining walls, fire pits, paver patios and more. There are many different types of retaining walls that can be built for your yard, including beautiful hand-stacked stone walls, hand-stacked block walls and large block walls. Retaining walls…

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Retaining Walls Can Be Maintained And Repaired During The Winter Months

Winter retaining walls can be repaired and maintained by Kohler Outdoor.

The beginning of a great looking yard starts with structure – retaining walls can be used to level or enclose an area for a decorative garden. Retaining walls are the ideal way to create an area definition, landscape accents and elevation transitions. Natural stone or manufactured blocks provide distinctive beauty and remarkable strength. Kohler Outdoor…

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What keeps Kohler Lawn busy in the winter?

kohler lawn winter work

Welcome to Kohler Lawn and Outdoor’s first newsletter! We are looking to serve our customers better in 2018 by connecting with you through this newsletter. To let you know more about us and our business, we would like to share what our business does during the cold months when there is not green growing lawns…

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Pruning Every Year Promotes Healthy Plants

Many shrubs, bushes and trees must be pruned every year. This promotes circulation and allows sunlight to reach more of the plant. Trimming unruly bushes and shrubs is also pruning. Pruning needs to be done during the plant’s dormant season, which makes early spring the best time to have this done. Is your bed edging…

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Fall Lawn Work and Kohler Lawn and Outdoor Can Help

Employment opportunites. Join our team.

No need to feel lost or overwhelmed about the lawn work to be done this fall! Our team has collaborated on this subject just for you and came up with a list to follow. Just use it as your guide! Mow your lawn one last time but set the cutting height at a tall setting Clean…

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