Winterizing Your Irrigation System

Winterizing your irrigation system does not have to be a complicated process as long as you work with a professional lawn service company like ours, Kohler Lawn & Outdoor. It is true that you don’t need to have your system turned off and blown out by a professional, however there are a few tricky parts to the winterizing process that most people don’t want to mess with or don’t have the tools to accomplish.

Winterizing Your Irrigation System Is Easy With Our Professional Shut-Off Service

A difficult part of this process is locating and opening up all the valves to release standing water from the system. After valves are open, it is important to use an industrial air compressor for blowing out remaining water that is left after the pipes have drained. Most people don’t own a powerful enough compressor to force air through an entire irrigation system, so this prevents many homeowners from performing the task themselves.
A lot of homeowners worry their irrigation system will burst from frozen pipes before the system is winterized. The weather in the Midwest can be unpredictable and a potential freeze can make homeowners nervous that their system pipes will burst. Some years the temperature drops below freezing before we are to service all our customers.
However, this isn’t a problem since irrigation pipes are buried 8+ inches underground and the ground will freeze at a very slow rate and only in constant freezing temperatures (about 1 inch per week). There is no need to worry about a freeze instantly damaging your irrigation system, and our winterizing service will get it turned off in plenty of time.
If you are a current customer and had this service performed last year, then it will automatically renew in our system so you are already on the winterizing service list. We will begin servicing our clients by region, starting at the end of October. And as long as the system controller is located outside of your home, there is no reason for you to be home when your service date arrives. We always give advanced notice when we need the homeowners assistance to gain access to control panel.
For over 25 years we have been servicing residential clients and have the experience you need to keep your lawn healthy. If you are in the Kansas City Metro area, including Lees Summit, MO and Jackson County, and Overland Park, KS and Johnson County and need your irrigation system winterized, contact us today to be added to our service list, or feel free to call (816) 540-4400 with any questions you have about winterizing your irrigation system.