Irrigation systems can save you time and money. Are you still watering your lawn with a hose and sprinkler? Irrigation systems have become more efficient and user friendly in recent years. Let an irrigation system do the watering for you!  Our professionals at Kohler Lawn & Outdoor can plan and install a high-quality irrigation system designed for your specific needs.
Traditional water application using a hose with a nozzle or sprinkler head, delivers water to the ground faster than it can be absorbed.  This leads to overwatering, water runoff and wasted water.  Monitoring and moving a hose and sprinkler also takes time and is easy to forget. Lugging heavy hoses and moving sprinklers around can be time consuming and frustrating.
n Irrigation System Saves You Both Time And Money When Installed By Kohler Lawn & Outdoor
An irrigation system not only saves time and water, it can be programmed to target the watering needs of specific areas called zones.. Irrigation specialists at Kohler Lawn & Outdoor take into consideration the specific watering needs and conditions of your yard when programming each zone. For example, soil type, plant type, grading, exposure to wind and sun and climate can all be factors of how each zone is set up. Each of these zones can be targeted differently to ensure they are not overwatered.
Once your irrigation system is installed, you can rely on Kohler Lawn & Outdoor to help you with routine maintenance. Your irrigation system should receive a tune up each year to help maintain the life of your system.   Also, closing your system properly for the winter will help preserve the life of the system.  You can rely on Kohler Lawn & Outdoor for tune ups and general service calls, as well as scheduling the opening and closing of your system.
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