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Pavers & Flagstone Will Enhance Your Outdoor Areas Around Your Home Or Business

Pavers & flagstone will make your property stand out, because pavers & flagstone are a crafted tradition dating back to legendary cobbled roadways of the ancient Romans. Flagstone offers a more natural look with irregular shapes. Whether it is curb appeal with a driveway, a front walk or a backyard patio, pavers & flagstone offer a truly unique appearance.

If you own a home and have a yard, your outdoor space probably includes some sort of path — from front sidewalk to front door, around the side of the house, or out to the backyard. You can rely on a basic from-here-to-there walkway, or you can upgrade yours with ideas that are beautiful and practical with pavers & flagstone. Pavers can improve the exterior design of your home. The exterior of your home is the first place that anyone looks when they visit your home. It is where they get a first impression of your property.

When you use brick pavers to create an attractive walkway, driveway, or border for your landscaping, it adds a sophisticated touch to the design. It also shows that you are truly invested in your property. In addition to looking great, pavers also protect landscaping. You can use pavers to outline your flower beds and trees. These are called edging stones. Stone edging is one of the best options for lining a bed since they don’t deteriorate over time and can be installed in a way that you can mow right up to the edge of your beds. They also have a very upscale look compared to products like plastic flex edging. Pavers are also great to create designated walking paths throughout your property. 

When it comes to choosing what kind of pavers to use on a landscape, plan ahead by using higher quality pavers. In the long run, it could end up saving you a lot of time and a lot of money, because there’s a smaller chance that the pavers will need to be repaired or replaced due to winter damages.

Pavers & flagstone enhance your curb appeal.

Flagstones are those broad, flat stones you see in most outdoor paths and patios. Usually, they’re very organic looking, with irregular edges and a wide range of earth hues, from deep greens to dusty reds. Flagstones offer something for every style of residential and commercial architecture. The large stones can be placed vertically to face a building, wall or other structure. When used horizontally, flagstones create beautiful pavements. The stones may be laid in their irregular, natural forms by fitting together with mortar or cut into geometric shapes and used like tiles for a more polished look.

Popular residential uses for flagstone paving include driveways, walkways, steps, terraces, patios and poolside decks. Flagstone surfaces can be enhanced by varying the colors and types of stone used and installing contrasting borders around the edges. Kohler Outdoor has Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute certification and our patio & retaining walls warranty is your insurance that Kohler Outdoor will meet your expectations in the outcome of your project for pavers & flagstone. 

For more information about pavers & flagstone, call Kohler Outdoor at (816) 540-4400.

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