Swimming Pool Wish List Dreams Come True with Kohler Lawn & Outdoor

Kohler Lawn & Outdoor is making swimming pool dreams come true this winter. Swimming pool design and installation is happening now and throughout the winter. Even though the weather is turning colder, there is no need to put your wish list dreams on hold.

Have you ever dreamed of having your own private swimming pool in your own back yard? The thrill of jumping into the deep end, the relaxation of sinking into your own pool chair on the sun deck, or the bliss of drifting in a giant pool floatie. No dream is too big or small. Our designers will walk you through the process of designing a swimming pool or spa to fit your needs and budget. The possibilities truly are endless on what kind of pool is available. From pool shape, custom decking and coping (pool edging) options, diving boards, slides, sun decks, water fountains or pool caves —- Kohler Lawn & Outdoor can complete any installation, from traditional to fun and unique.

Kohler Lawn & Outdoor is a one-stop shop for pool design and installation. Designing a pool is easy with our project managers.  During installation, we can take care of the dirt work, sod, concrete, fencing, irrigation, landscaping or retaining walls needed when installing a pool or spa.

Wish List Reality with Kohler Lawn

Kohler Lawn & Outdoor is the premier lawn and landscape company in Pleasant Hill, MO servicing Jackson and Cass Counties. With over 30 years in the business, we know how to turn outdoor dreams into a reality. We also install irrigation systems, outdoor lighting, and hardscapes.
Let Kohler Lawn’s experience in create a swimming pool or spa fit for any Christmas wish list.
Contact Us today or call over the phone at 816-540-4400 to schedule an appointment with one of our experts and let us help make your project a reality.