Now is the time to focus on elevating your outdoor living area, by having Kohler Lawn & Outdoor professionally install a customized fire pit.  With most of us home more than usual lately, why not invest in your own property by creating an outdoor living area that will last a lifetime.  Through our customized planning process, our experts will help you design an outdoor living area of your dreams.

A few things to think about when entering the design process are: what kind of patio would you like?  How often do you plan on using your outdoor living area?  And finally, would built-in seating be an attractive option for you?   

Our paver patios are created by using pavers and flagstone, a crafted tradition dating back to the legendary cobblestone streets of the ancient Romans.  Flagstone is more natural-looking in appearance, with irregular shapes.  Pavers are more uniform in appearance, with varying color options, designs, and size.  By choosing either, or a mixture of both, pavers and flagstone are the foundation of your outdoor living area.

An Outdoor Fire Pit Immediately Adds Value To Your Home

Fire pits are a known and beloved feature to any outdoor living area that directly increases the value of your home!  While creating a focal point, fire pits become a cooking and gathering space, all while enjoying nature.  You can enjoy the benefits of a fire pit for the majority of the year, increasing your return on investment easily, and adding instant value to not only your home, but also to your life.

Seating walls are another easy addition to your outdoor living area, as they typically line the edge of a patio and surround a fire pit, saving you money on expensive outdoor furniture. Single and double-walls options are available, and our design professionals can show you existing options for installation, or create a new, customized design to fit your needs. This all-weather option is a must for your space!

At Kohler Lawn & Outdoor, our experts have over 25+ years’ experience and have created outdoor living areas for over 2,900 satisfied customers.  Let us help you create the outdoor living area of your dreams today!  Contact us today for a consultation, or call us at (816) 540-4400 for answers to any of your questions regarding outdoor living areas.

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