Landscaping With Drainage Solutions

Landscaping early on is important as drainage issues will become known during the wet season and we have all kinds of solutions! We are here to help fix your drainage issues with landscaping techniques such as French drain, dry creek bed, retaining walls complete with underground water redirecting, trench drain, yard regrading and of course further prevention includes soil aeration and plantings.

Landscaping Can Help With Drainage Solutions

French drains prevent standing water, as it forms a channel to direct water away from your home and prevents and reduces the risk of long-term water damage. This type of solution is pleasing the eye and is a cost-effective solution. A professionally designed trench drain can be essential for heavy stormwater runoff, is easily channeled, and is fully customizable to your property needs.

Dry creek beds are a unique form of landscaping and less invasive as rocks and mulch are formed into a bed that soaks up water naturally when it rains. A bonus here is that there is little yard manipulation and lots of customizable colors between mulch and rock options which enhances your curb appeal.

Retaining walls have become one of our specialty options when it comes to landscaping and drainage control, and prevent major flood damage to your home. These walls add to your property value as they provide healthy boundaries, keeping your property neat and tidy. We can even add an underground water redirecting solution to make sure your home is never damaged by flooding waters.

Yard regrading is also an option that helps to naturally soak up water it needs to maintain healthy grass and plants. Balancing your yard gradation only helps to keep water at proper levels so that your gardens and lawns require less maintenance throughout the year. Once these drainage solutions are in place, soil aeration and plantings help to maintain healthy root systems that also divert water to where it need to be, instead of sitting on top of your lawn.

Now is the time to start thinking about your drainage needs and how our team of landscaping experts at Kohler Lawn & Outdoor can help find the best solutions possible to fit your property and budget. If you are in the Kansas City area, or within Jackson and Johnson counties, contact us today to schedule a consultation, or feel free to call us at (816) 540-4400 with any of your landscaping questions.