Landscaping Addresses Drainage Problems

Landscaping can do so much to improve property drainage problems, especially with the wet Spring season upon us.  There are a lot of different drainage problems including standing water in your yard, poor yard grading, path and patio flooding, downspout and gutter problems and natural erosion.  The good news, is that your drainage problems can be easily solved with the help of our landscaping experts

Landscaping Is A Solution For Your Lawn Drainage Problems

One of the largest drainage problems in your yard is the presentation of standing water after it rains.  This can become a large problem for homeowners who have this lawn issue.  Spring rains bring lots of water, and if you continue to let the water pool in your yard, other issues surrounding your top soil are inevitable.  Creating a plan with our expert landscapers can solve this issue easily, before the rainy season occurs.

Poor yard grading is another problem where proper landscaping is sure to help.  Just like standing water can cause more issues with your lawn, poor grading can cause little rivers to appear after it rains, which over time leads to top soil erosion.  In worst case scenarios, if your yard surrounding your home’s foundation walls isn’t properly graded, not only could you have exterior damage, but interior flooding in your basement is likely to occur.  Fixing the gradation of your lawn through landscaping, and keeping the water moving away from your home is a simple, yet effective way to prevent expensive home repairs.

Most homeowners don’t like to spend their money where it can’t be seen.  However, the best solutions address functional problems with beauty and value.  Besides its functional aspects, quality landscaping adds more value than almost any other home renovation, and appreciates property values over time. 

Now is the time to start your landscaping projects before the Spring rainy season is upon us.  If you are in the Kansas City Metro area or in Jackson and Johnson counties, contact us today to make an appointment with one of our expert landscapers, or call us at (816) 540-4400 with any questions you have regarding your drainage problems.