Turf treatments done by Kohler Lawn & Outdoor will take your yard to the next level of beautiful and make you the envy of your neighbors. Our turf specialists work with you to customize a turf-specific program tailored to the needs of your lawn. Maintaining a healthy lawn takes time, commitment, and know how. Kohler Lawn & Outdoor knows turf treatment and how to get your lawn green and healthy.

After a long winter’s nap the turf can use a little nudge to get up and growing– and greening. A healthy turf requires both major and minor nutrients. The major nutrients are usually abbreviated as NPK, which represents nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K), also called potash. Nitrogen is used the most in the soil partly because it easily leaches through the soil profile, whereas the other two major nutrients (phosphorus and potash) get bound up in organic matter.
· Nitrogen is responsible for the green, lush growth
· Phosphorous is responsible for good root growth
· Potassium will help prevent disease.

Proper watering techniques and turf treatments will help establish and maintain a beautiful lawn that is free of insect and disease problems. Consistency is the key to effective watering. An irrigation system that is programmed to deliver water only when it is needed is far superior to sprinklers or sporadic hand watering with a hose. Professionals at Kohler Lawn & Outdoor specialize in high-quality irrigation system installations a for your yard and can tailor one to your specific needs.

Turf Treatment Take Your Yard To The Next Level Envy Of The Neighborhood Kohler Outdoor

Turf requires about an inch of water a week. You can tell how much water your lawn is getting by putting down a shallow dish where irrigation is taking place to collect water for measuring. It is better to water well and then wait a week to water again than it is to apply more frequent, shallow waterings.

The best time to water is early in the morning, which allows for the lawn to take up the water before it gets hot outside. Another advantage of watering in the morning is the leaf blades will get a chance to dry off as the sun gets higher and the wind picks up, which will prevent fungus problems from spreading.

Kohler Lawn & Outdoors turf treatment program turns your lawn from light, thin and weedy to green, lush and healthy. By becoming a turf treatment program customer, many other services are available, including optional fungicide treatment, aeration and seeding, and more.

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