Kohler Lawn & Outdoor performs a summer turf treatment during June that is an insecticide balanced rate of fertilizer, which controls surface-feeding insects such as aphids, sod webworms, fleas, and ticks. A broadleaf weed control is also applied as needed at this time so that our Full Program customers always have possible new weeds treated. Turf treatment turns your light, thin, and weedy lawn into a vibrant green, lush, and healthy lawn!

Beautiful, Healthy, Green Lawn from our Turf Treatment Program

Our Turf Treatment Full Program includes a six-round process that will get your lawn healthy and beautiful, however, Round Three is important to keep the level of surface feeding insects low so they don’t become a pest to humans and pets! Round Three occurs in Summer during late May to late June and includes a granular insecticide with balanced rate of fertilizer, which controls surface-feeding insects such as aphids, sod webworms, fleas and ticks.

This step is important because it takes care of all those out-of-sight pests that do more damage to your lawn than anything else! Aphids feed on new tender growth and do not like foliage, making turf treatment essential to keep your new growth from destruction. Sod webworms remove the top growth of grass, which causes shorter patches that eventually turn into brown patches, most of which, occur in dry, sunny spots around your driveway and curbs. Fleas and ticks are a huge nuisance to humans and pets alike as they carry unwanted diseases. With peace of mind, be at ease with your pets and children playing in the yard as our turf treatment rids your beautiful lawn of these pests.

As a bonus to Round Three, our broadleaf weed control takes care of those aggressive and invasive weed species that like weak and vulnerable areas of your lawn. Easily identified because they do not look like grass, one example of a broadleaf weed are dandelions. Most homeowners understand just how quickly they can multiply in their yard when left unchecked. Make the most out of your lawn by scheduling our turf treatment today! Kohler Lawn & Outdoor turf treatments are customized to your yard and needs. To keep your yard lush, green, and healthy, contact us today for a free estimate and personalized lawn assessment, or call us at (816) 540-4400.

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