Landscaping In Springtime

Landscaping during the springtime is possible due to the small window available before spring time rain occurs. It is well-known the best time to plant most types of foliage is in the Fall, however, if you can get plants in the ground before spring time rain occurs, your foliage will do just fine for the season!

Landscaping (Client Photo) Kohler Lawn & Outdoor

Landscaping And Planting Foliage Can Happen Now Before Spring Rains!

We know that spring time rains can bring with it lots of water drainage issues for homes. Landscaping now can decrease the amount of water drainage problems for your home before major seasonal rains occur. One of the biggest drainage problem in a yard is standing water after it rains.

This can become a larger problem for homeowners who have this lawn issue. Spring rains bring lots of water, and if you continue to let that water pool in your yard, other issues involving your top soil are inevitable. Plants need water and their root systems can actually help stem water pooling issues. Planning early and planting foliage now will divert water flow to plants, instead of pooling in your yard.

Most homeowners don’t like to spend their money where it can’t be seen. However, the best solutions address functional problems with beauty and value. Landscaping does not need to be overwhelming to make an impact. Landscaping with plants adds more value than almost any other home renovation, and appreciates property values over time.

Now is the time to start your landscaping projects before the Spring rainy season is upon us. If you’ve waited to plant foliage, now is the time! You don’t have to wait until fall. For more than 30 years Kohler Lawn & Outdoor has worked in the Jackson and Johnson County areas including Pleasant Hill, MO in landscape planning and design. Contact us to discuss your landscaping questions today!

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