Outdoor Lighting Creates Ambiance

Outdoor lighting creates ambiance by illuminating your yard’s beauty and adds to your home’s security. From path lighting, home accent lighting to task lighting, Kohler Lawn can help you design a well-lit outdoor area. Pleasant Hill based landscape company, Kohler Lawn and Outdoor proudly services Jackson, Cass and Johnson Counties. 

Types of Outdoor Lighting

Ambient lighting provides an area with overall lighting. Path lighting allows you to see and walk safely. This type of lighting can be installed beside a walking path or sidewalk or be built into your retaining walls. Post lights and outdoor wall lights are popular choices for this case. 

Task lighting allows you to accomplish what you need to outdoors. This usually means installing lighting underneath decks and on outdoor steps or stairs. 

Accent lighting helps to create visual interest and will highlight trees, planting areas and the architectural details of your home. We typically accomplish this with spotlights. 

How Kohler Lawn Creates Ambiance with Outdoor Lighting

Whether you are indoor or outside, using a variety of light layers adds versatility and dimension to your space. For example, we can combine string lights on a pergola, task lighting over an outdoor kitchen, enjoy natural light from fire in a fire pit, and walkway lighting to get from place to place. 

Wall sconces and patio lanterns are popular choices because they provide illumination and decoration at once. These softer lighting choices make them a great choice for outdoor entertaining or relaxation. 

Not only does path lighting help keep you and visitors safe, having a well-lit home is especially when using lighting timers will help keep your home safer from burglars.

Kohler Lawn is a locally-owned small business operating out of Pleasant Hill, MO, for over 30 years. From design to installation, Kohler Lawn will handle your project from start to finish. Contact us today to request your free consultation or call us at (816) 540-4400 with any other questions regarding your outdoor lighting.