Outdoor Lighting Services Now Include Christmas Light Installation

With Fall fast-approaching, consider your outdoor lighting plan for the holiday season to include professionally-installed Christmas lights.  Kohler Lawn & Outdoor has now added Christmas lights installation services as a specialty program.  So many of us spend countless hours stressing and toiling over exterior Christmas lights and all they entail when it comes to installation time.  There are so many benefits to including professional Christmas lights installation services in your outdoor lighting plan! 

Professional Christmas Lights Installations

You can be sure to avoid spending a significant amount of time in cold weather by allowing someone else to detangle all the lighting cords.  The biggest frustration of Christmas light installation is checking the bulbs for broken fuses and lights.  Make the most out of your time by hiring someone else to check these things for you, so you can spend your time best with family and friends celebrating the season.

Another benefit to including profession Christmas light installation services into your outdoor lighting plan is to eliminate physical risks during ladder movements, constant climbing, and potential fall risks from steep roofs that can cause significant injury and hospital bills during the time of year when no one wants an additional bill.  It is better to have the professionals help you manage light installation as most are covered by insurance.

Likewise, you can avoid electrical shocks and damage to your home electrical system by hiring a professional.  Improper installation can lead to electrical malfunctions up to entire system damage, leading to expensive system repairs.  You can avoid an insurance claim by hiring Kohler Lawn & Outdoor to professionally install your Christmas lights as part of your outdoor lighting plan.

Installed Christmas lights can be tailored to your home and re-designed each year with the help of our professionals.  Professionally installed Christmas lights from Kohler Lawn and Outdoor helps to make your home stand out from the others year-round.  Make sure to contact us today, or call us at (816) 540-4400 to have your name put on our list for this service!