Outdoor Living Extends Summer Fun!

Outdoor living accents such as fire pits and outdoor lighting extend the evening for more summer fun! Think of the atmosphere in a comfortable living room taken to the outdoors. This is what our business likes to create for our customers. 
Outdoor Living (Client Photo) Kohler Lawn & Outdoor

Outdoor Living Gives You More Time Outdoors In the Summer, Even Into The Fall And Winter Months!

We take our customers through a planning process to ensure they get just what they want or better, when it comes to outdoor living! The design possibilities are endless, and the process is easy.
Popular choices for outdoor living spaces include fire pits. They have always been popular for outdoor gatherings. Historically, fire pits provided a place to cook, warmth, and a place to gather. Nothing much has changed in how fire pits are used, and have become one of the most popular accents for outdoor living spaces. And as a bonus, they can be used far into fall and parts of winter depending on the weather and temperature outside!
Outdoor lighting serves many purposes and is a quick install, giving nearly an immediate facelift to your property’s outdoor appeal. It gives you the most “bang for your buck”, since the install is quicker than other services we offer. Lighting also helps with security of your home, which is usually a homeowner’s top priority.
One of the major deterrents to burglary is a well-lit home and we look to give you just that. Our lighting experts are great at assessing properties with security in mind. It also helps with safety when it is dark out. Outdoor living spaces are wonderful places to hang out in well after the sun sets, and proper lighting can prevent injuries when walking footpaths or navigating around furniture and fire pits.
For more than 30 years we have been installing fire pits and lighting into outdoor spaces in Johnson County, KS and Jackson County, MO including Pleasant Hill, MO. We are a full services lawn company that provides a variety of outdoor services including landscaping and outdoor living space installations. Examples of our work can be viewed on our webpage.
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