Retaining Walls: Many Styles For Your Property

Retaining walls come is many different shapes and sizes, including the materials used to construct them as well. The beginning of a beautiful yard starts with structure, and provide both function and form.

Retaining Walls Offer Many Styles

Retaining Walls Offer Many Styles For Your Property

Retaining walls are primarily used to create structure to your property and to solve problems with water run-off and grading. They can be used to level or enclose an area for a decorative garden, and are the ideal way to create an area definition, landscape accents and elevation transitions.

Hand stacked stone walls are a unique and beautiful. Often because of their varying stone colors and textures, they can be eye-catching, sophisticated and functional at the same time.  In contrast, 14” Limestone walls and hand stacked block walls are the perfect solution for properties with hills and slopes.

They ensure that soil stays where you want it, eliminating safety and flooding risks. Both limestone and hand stacked block walls hold more weight visually, and are great for properties with large spaces that need lots of terracing and structure.

Block seat walls are wonderful for adding structure, function and fun to any outdoor living space. This type of retaining wall is typically used around in-ground firepits for additional seating, but can also be functional to visually mark off the outdoor living space from the rest of the property.

Retaining walls are beautiful and easy to maintain, as well as have the potential to add to the value of your home because they are functional and attractive. There are numerous shapes, colors, and textures in which a project manager can add to make them even more unique. When properly installed, they don’t need a lot of upkeep and are durable and age well over time.

Our team at Kohler Lawn & Outdoors spends a lot of time installing retaining walls throughout the year (even during the winter!) in Jackson County including Lees Summit, MO and Johnson County including Overland Park, KS. Our customers enjoy the natural curb appeal and function that these walls add to their home’s exterior. For more examples of our exterior work with retaining walls, visit our webpage for ideas here.


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