Turf Treatment: Aerate And Seed In The Fall

Turf treatment that includes aeration and seeding in the fall helps to keep your grass healthy, with full growth. Can you believe it’s already time to be thinking about your lawn during the fall months? It’s actually a great time of year to assess your yard since wear from the summer has probably set into your lawn.

Turf Treatment In The Fall Should Include Aerating And Seeding.

Take note of wear and tear spots and get on our turf treatment program list to have us, Kohler Lawn & Outdoor, to perform aerating and seeding on your property this fall! Aeration is a process that involves puncturing the soil with small holes that allow air, water, and nutrients to flow into the grass roots. This process allows your grass to grow deeper and produce stronger, more vigorous grass. Aeration helps to break up soil compaction and will hold in the soil for longer when done in the fall.

Seeding can help fill in those thin spots in your yard where natural wear and tear have done some damage. Spreading grass seed over your existing lawn automatically thickens up thin grass areas, and is a recommended service in our turf treatment in the fall and not in the spring. This is due in part to soil being easier to work in the fall, with higher moisture conditions which allow for less watering and germination in the spring.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to have this service treatment completed on your lawn. Now is the time to analyze your lawn to see if aeration and seeding through our turf treatment program is your best course of action for a lush, healthy lawn in the spring.

A lush, healthy lawn is just a phone call away! With over 25 years of lawn experience, our team is happy to do the work, so you can enjoy a beautiful, full lawn. If you are in the Kansas City area, especially Jackson and Johnson counties, contact us today to schedule an appointment or get on our turf treatment list, or feel free to contact us at (816) 540-4400 with any questions you have regarding aeration and seeding your yard.