Outdoor Living Highlight – Fire Pits

Outdoor living in Pleasant Hill, Jackson County, and Cass County in the Kansas City Metro area is a highly sought-after pastime during the months of summer and early fall. Installing a fire pit means you can enjoy the outdoors in the evening as a gathering space for most of the year.

Whether you want a place to cook, a place to relax and enjoy company together or want ambient natural light, a fire pit will accomplish many goals.

A fire pit is an outdoor living feature that will provide enjoyment for years and increase your home’s property value. The design options are limitless! From brick, pavers, natural stone, or concrete – your new fire pit can be tailored to the exact size needed, area dimensions, and design.

While fire pits easily become the focal point of any outdoor living space, adding extra seating is critical to maximizing your entertaining area.  With added features such as built-in seating walls, you can increase your seating space around your new fire pit, allowing more guests to enjoy time together. 

By installing built-in wall seating, you are saving money on costly outdoor furniture that is typically replaced within five years.  Outdoor seating is a permanent, all-weather fixture, saving money and increasing property value.  Single and double-walled options are available.  Our design experts will be able to show you existing Kohler Lawn & Outdoor projects and options for installation or work directly with you to create a design for your outdoor living space.

Create Your New Centerpiece Today

If you are ready to design your fire pit centerpiece, Kohler Lawn in Pleasant Hill is here. Fire pits inspire conversation, define a gathering space, and will be enjoyed for many months of the year. Did you know Kohler Lawn is a National Association of Landscape Professionals member? This association is committed to continued education and improved operations and safety in the landscape industry.

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