Retaining Walls Winter Installation Projects

Retaining walls with winter installation are easily completed when most other outdoor projects have slowed down, and installation times are faster. Now is a great time to think about any retaining walls you may want to install in your yard this year.


Retaining Walls (Client Photo) Kohler Lawn & Outdoor

Retaining Walls Are Easily Installed During The Winter Months!


Retaining walls can be used to level or enclose an area for a decorative garden, create a simple area definition, landscape accents, elevation transitions, or even water diversion. These projects can all be completed during the winter months as long as the ground hasn’t seen frost.

Frost promotes a layer of moisture to the ground and can shift the soil, which makes any new landscaping project with retaining walls move easily. But as long as the winter weather stays mild in the Midwest, retaining wall installations can happen even in cold weather!

Sometimes the best time of year to make large-scale landscaping changes is during the winter. This is due to the simple fact that yard upkeep all but stops during the cold months, and will not affect the installation process. Winter months prime the ground for major overhauls, and with no lawn maintenance or upkeep in the Kansas City Metro Area until April, winter retaining wall installation gives the ground time to adjust before any Spring projects occur.

Because they aren’t busy with lawn maintenance just yet, our outdoor specialists have flexible schedules during the winter months, and can accommodate larger projects. This time also gives them the ability to thoroughly review your project to include project design, material options for retaining walls, and best installation techniques.

Our ICPI Certification and retaining walls warranty is your insurance that Kohler Lawn & Outdoor will meet your expectations in the outcome of your project. For 30 years, we have served landscaping clients in Jackson and Cass Counties, including Pleasant Hill, MO. Feel free to check out our picture gallery for winter project inspiration!