Retaining Walls – Let Our Experts Create a Beautiful Space for You!

Retaining walls are a great solution to provide natural looking barriers. If your property is sloped or hilly like many parts of Jackson and Cass County Missouri, you can gain back your outdoor space, reduce drainage problems and improve your home value by installing a retaining wall. Let our experts create a beautiful outdoor space…

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Retaining Walls Winter Installation Projects

Retaining Walls (Client Photo) Kohler Lawn & Outdoor

Retaining walls with winter installation are easily completed when most other outdoor projects have slowed down, and installation times are faster. Now is a great time to think about any retaining walls you may want to install in your yard this year.     Retaining walls can be used to level or enclose an area…

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Retaining Walls: Structure For Outdoor Living         

Retaining walls provide the best structure for your outdoor living space. Outdoor living can be achieved no matter what season it is with Kohler Lawn & Outdoor. With fall quickly approaching, our time outdoors does not need to be limited.  Installing these walls can easily make the most out of your outdoor living space, encouraging…

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