Swimming Pool Installation: Preparing For Future Install

Swimming pool installation comes with many other types of work needing to be done, and it’s a great time to be thinking about your outdoor areas and finances to prepare for a future pool install! Usually other work must be done with a swimming pool installation such as landscaping, stone work, draining, and building retaining walls.

Swimming Pool Installation (Client Photo) Kohler Lawn And Outdoor

Swimming Pool Installation Projects Include Many Decisions That Our Project Managers Can Help With

Patio and grading work must also be considered with swimming pool installation. But the good news is, our crews are proficient in all these types of work! When we contract a pool installation, there are almost no subcontractors, meaning you hardly ever work with another company besides our own. And you can be at ease knowing that we take care of the process from start to finish.

A custom swimming pool installation means the possibilities are endless on what kind of pool can go on your property! We take care of the dirt work, sod, concrete, fencing, irrigation, landscaping, and retaining walls. Designing your pool is easy with our project managers and there are many features you can include with your pool.

Now is the time to begin thinking about your future swimming pool installation, the process, and all the details that go into the project. There is more to a pool install than what customers first think about, and that is where our experienced project managers can help make the process easier.

For over 30 years, we have served residential customers in Johnson County, KS and Jackson County, MO including Pleasant Hill, MO by making their outdoor oasis dreams a reality with our swimming pool installation. We are honest and fair to our customers and provide solid work that we stand behind. Taking time to listen to our customer’s needs and giving them something to be proud of is a standard practice within our business. Examples of our pool installation projects can be found here.

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