Turf Treatment: Aerate And Seed Exclusive Service

Our turf treatment includes the exclusive service to aerate and seed your lawn this fall! We can’t believe it’s already time to mention fall services, and have begun building our services lists now for aerating and seeding your lawn this fall. Our turf treatment program is designed to revive your lawn into a fuller and greener property than your neighbor’s lawn, through our exclusive services for current customers.
Turf Treatment (Client Photo) Kohler Lawn & Outdoor

Turf Treatment includes an exclusive aerate and seed service for our current customers!

This is an exclusive service only offered to our current customers, who are on our regular mowing or turf treatment services routes. Aerating and seeding your lawn is the best way to ensure a fuller lawn in the coming season. By having a fuller lawn of grass, weeds have less space to grow. This is a good solution for any bare spots and patches in your yard.
Regardless of if we will perform this services on your law, fall is the best time of year to have aerating and seeding done and is an exclusive service in our turf treatment program. We recommend having aerating and seeding done at the same time, and only in the fall. 
This is because all mowing, trampling, and extreme heat is done for the season and your baby grasses will have the best chance to grow enough before having a long, dormant cold season. This young grass will emerge full and strong in the next spring months! And as long as the grass is properly waters for 2 weeks after spread, it is a fool-proof method for a lush, green lawn.
For more than 30 years, Kohler Lawn & Outdoor is a full lawn and landscaping company that has been transforming lawns in the Johnson County, KS and Jackson County, MO areas, including Pleasant Hill, MO. We take dull, patchy messes, and turn them into lush, full spaces you can be proud of. For more information on our turf treatment program, check out our webpage.
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