Swimming Pool Installation – Top Advantages of Fiberglass Pools

For Swimming Pool Installation, Kohler Lawn and Outdoor recommend Fiberglass Pools. It’s easy for our customers to picture themselves staying at home and relaxing in their very own backyard pool, but what many of them don’t realize are the benefits of a fiberglass pool. Let’s discuss fiberglass pools if you consider a pool in Pleasant Hill, Jackson, or Cass County, Missouri.

Advantages of Fiberglass Pools

1.    Quicker Install

Kohler Lawn and Outdoor can complete your fiberglass swimming pool installation in as little as one week. With a hole measured, excavated, and gravel set, we can easily lift and place the pool into the hole and get it plumbed for water. Additional finishing and landscaping or concrete work will take more time, but this is incredibly impressive compared to a traditional concrete or gunite pool build.

2.    No Liner or Plaster to Replace in 7-10 Years

Vinyl and concrete pools both require a lot of maintenance. Certain things, such as sharp objects or a chemical imbalance that would destroy a liner or concrete pool, are not a problem for fiberglass. Fiberglass pools never need resurfacing like their concrete counterparts. Liner replacement or pool resurfacing is time-consuming and expensive.

3.    Lifetime Structural Warranty

The fiberglass pool brand Kohler Lawn and Outdoor installed offers a lifetime structural warranty. This gives our customers peace of mind that the pool you choose for your family will be there year after year, creating endless memories. Manufacturers offer this warranty because they are confident in the materials’ structural integrity.

4.    Multiple Shapes & Colors

Sometimes customers think if they choose a fiberglass pool, their design choices are limited. While this used to be the case, it is not true anymore. Fiberglass pool surface colors vary from sand, gray, and black colored to different hues of blue, creating the color ambiance you are looking for. In addition, the shapes of fiberglass pools are continually growing. From graded entry to sundecks and rectangle shapes to asymmetrical ones, there is a shape for every backyard and budget. Contact us today to explore your options!

The options are endless, and now is the time to start dreaming and preparing your finances in advance. Our swimming pool installation project managers are happy to help you dream and work within your budget. And as a bonus, we can be your one-stop swimming pool installation shop. We can handle the dirt work, sod, concrete, fencing, irrigation, landscaping, and retaining walls.

Designing your pool is easy with the guidance of our project managers, and there are many features you can include with your pool. Some available features include automatic pool covers, water features, outdoor and underwater lighting, color-stamped concrete, and a recessed pool deck!

Let Kohler Lawn’s experienced team create a swimming pool for you this summerContact Us today or call at 816-540-4400 to schedule an appointment with one of our experts and let us help make your project in Pleasant Hill, Jackson, or Cass County, MO, a reality.